Post World Champs.

Post World Champs.

Well it's been 10 days since my race in the final at the world champs and I can tell you now that my body is hurting from top to bottom. It's a very strange feeling after a world championships, your mind is telling you that you still want to race but its like your body knows it has done its job for the season so please lets just shut it down now!! The temptation is there to shut it down but I know that I will regret it because I love to race and I haven't had a chance to race much this year. So, now it’s my turn to catch up. 


I am very happy with my result Moscow. I know I didn't win the gold medal but at the same time I feel like I won my own gold medal in a way that only a very few will understand. As you all know I haven't had the best of seasons and I almost ended up pulling out of the world champs, because of no other reason than I was sick of being so upset of not feeling my usual self when competing, but then I realized that everyone one of my comps was getting better in some way I just had to put the race together… After what felt like a very long early season I arrived in Moscow ready to run and feeling really good about myself. I went through the first and second round really fired up and let the other girls know that I wasn't going anywhere and that I was going to fight with all my might to reclaim a world title. When the finals came around I was ready as I ever could be. I pushed so hard to be there and I couldn't wait to get this race done. I flew out of the blocks and charged down the track attacking each hurdle the best I could, I crossed the finish line and smiled and thought Yess!! Silver, Ill take that.. I was so relieved that race was over and that I made the podium just like I said I could after tearing my hamstring for the second time in Sri Lanka. It was a very fulfilling moment and I realization that even though I didn’t have the best preparation I still delivered on the day and that I still believe that I am the best athlete out on that track!!


I sometimes feel that I make all these plans to stay on after a major championships and by the time I get half way through the season I wish I hadn't made those plans but, then, I have another think and say "hang on a sec, you have an amazing talent, you are so lucky to travel around the world doing what you love, this elite competition will not last forever so, make the most of it" I tell this to myself not all the time, but certainly at times when I am feeling tired and miserable and just want to be in my own bed. Four months is along time away from home but it certainly makes me appreciate my time at home a lot more.

I have had my first race post Moscow here in Linz, Austria. It's my first time competing here and I must say I was very impressed. The people here are lovely and more than happy to help out wherever possible. For a small meet with not a lot of money they certainly put on a fantastic show!! A few lessons for some meets that I know who don't understand that you don’t need a hell of a lot of money to make some noise!!


I am now heading back to England to do another week's work before I head to my second comp in Zagreb. I am also looking forward to racing there. I raced there in 2011 and the atmosphere in the crowed is incredible.


That's all for now. I have some exciting news for my next blog so please stay tuned.


Love Sally Pearson xx

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